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Send DEM - Newsletter


Send your newsletter to all users of all forums

Sending The DEM is an advertisement email in HTML format totally customizable. There isn't any limit of text, images or links, and no restrictions about the language to use.
The sending will be executed towards a list containing all email addresses of all forums of this domain, unless the forums have removed the ads, that consists in a list of OPT-IN email addresses only.
ForumUp will receive from you the HTML code ( the images must be uploaded on your servers ) and will send your newsletter in the established day
The price is 2,00 euros for 1000 email address with a minimum of 150,00 euros of expense, even if the list contains less than 75000 addresses. At the price will be added eventual taxes and you'll receive a regular invoice.
For payments, only Banking Discount and Paypal will be accepted. We will proceed to the sending only after the payment is received.
If you want to contact us please write to in ENGLISH, ITALIAN or SPANISH.
Please note: Adult content as for example pornography, gambling and dialers or spywares will NOT be accepted.
ForumUp reserves the right to see in advance the content before the payment and to accept at its discretion the sending.
Discount: The official price is 3,00 euros for 1000 addresses, but in promotional way will be 2,00 euros for 1000 addresses.

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